Storage solution comparisons

Comparing Estuary to Web3 Storage and NFT Storage.

Featurehttps://estuary.techWeb3 StorageNFT Storage
Marketing taglineUse any browser or our API to store public data on IPFS and FilecoinBuild apps backed by Filecoin, no infrastructure requiredA brand new service in BETA, built specifically for storing off-chain NFT data
Requires you to run infrastructureNoNoNo
Maximum file sizeUnlimited, or as much as the infrastructure has the hardware forPotentially 32GBPotentially 32GB
Uses Amazon S3NoYesYes
Uses CloudflareNoYesYes
Live code documentationYesNoNo
Uses IPFS ClusterNo, however Estuary's shuttle system serves the same function.YesYes
Requires API keyYesYesYes

All of these products have a website you can visit. You can use the website to upload files and view your files.
Admin GUI

Manage storage providers, users, and content to offload per node.
CAR supportYes, optionalYesNo
Invite onlyYes, users must applyNo, anyone can use Web3 StorageNo, anyone can use NFT Storage
Programming language requirementAnyJavaScript/TypeScriptJavaScript/TypeScript
Public feedback formYesNoNo
NPM module requiredNo, there is no NPM moduleYesNo, optional
Command line supportYesYesYes
NFT education and supportPartialPartialYes

FeatureAny Estuary NodeWeb3 StorageNFT Storage
Offline dealsNoYes, in testingYes, in testing
Filecoin address and payment automation for dealsYesNoNo
Makes Filecoin storage dealsYesUses Estuary, Textile's BidBot and other promising options in developmentUses Estuary, Textile's BidBot and other promising options in development
Makes Filecoin retrieval dealsYes--
Aggregates smaller files into Filecoin storage deals for providersYes, batches into 4GB deals.--
Filecoin deal replication6x providers out of 98 options (Sept 1st, 2021)--
Provider deal logs and history

Logs around deal success, errors, ask, lotus version, and other useful information.
Provider profile pages

Example: here.
Tools to verify data is actually on Filecoin

Example: here.
Reputation systemYes--
Run your own deal maker / node

Can you run your own version of the entire platform / software?
Provider control

Can the provider control whether or not they will be sent deals? Can an administrator suspend providers temporarily?
Maximum deal piece size32GB--

Stored data

Our Estuary Node has pinned and stored data on the Filecoin Network.

Total files
Deals on chain
0 Bytes
Total pinned data

Open source code and public logs

Logs from your Storage providers are public so we can help debug and triage issues with the Filecoin Network.

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