Automated storage with Filecoin

Use any browser and our API to store public data on the Filecoin Network and retrieve it from anywhere, anytime.

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Estuary makes using Filecoin easy while showing a lot of useful information about where your data is stored.

Upload public data
No minimum size. Upload the data you want, Estuary Nodes will figure out the rules for you.
Many options. Tired of browsers? Use the command line, or an API in your own application or website.
Global access. Retrieve your data from any IPFS gateway.
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755.56 MiB
Replicated across 6 miners.
Stored for 1051200 filecoin-epochs (365.00 days).
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All about the details
Reliability. Estuary Nodes have automation algorithms that make sure your data is replicated and stored on the network.
A ton of information. Logs, status updates, and deal data. Know everything about the resilence of your storage so you can make better promises.

Open source code and public logs

Logs from your Filecoin miner are public so we can help debug and triage issues with the Filecoin Network.

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